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The Welsh Revival

Evan Roberts will long be known and associated with the mighty movement of the Welsh Revival where for nine months there was such emphasis on the need for prayer, repentance, and restitution across the whole of Wales. This revival saw the sparking of other revivals across the world. Evan Roberts was a special man of God who was prepared from childhood to lead a nation to the Lord.

• Spiritual connection since childhood
• Unusually dedicated to prayer and intercession
• Was given to reading the Word of God and prayer constantly from childhood to adulthood
• Was instrumental in the conversion and baptism of over 100,000 people

His Early Christian Life

Evan Roberts was born and raised in a Welsh Calvinist Methodist Church. He was known to be diligent in prayer in his Christian life and studied his Bible consistently. He was known to pray for revival for 11 years from the time he was 13 years old as his earnest ministry and his work in the Welsh Revival began when he was 25 years old.

• He often spent time in prayer and fasting and Bible study
• Took his Bible everywhere with him, even to work in the coal mines
• His Bible caught fire in the coal mines and was later used as a symbol of the revival
• He iss thought to be the answer to the prayer request of Seth Joshua for a spiritual leader

His Entrance in the Revival

After listening to the message from Seth Joshua, he understood that this was the culmination of his many bouts of prayer and fasting. He had been spending hours in prayer and supplication to God in which he experienced phenomena such as the shaking of his bed as he communed in prayer. He was profoundly touched when the service echoed with the repeated prayer request of Joshua and the attendees for God to “bend us.”

• He experienced the forceful will of the Spirit
• He echoed the sentiment “Bend me!” as a result of his encounter with the Spirit
• He prayed and fasted for the reaping of a hundred thousand souls
• He took the spirit of revival back to his hometown

His Work in the Revival

Prayer and repentance was in the message that Roberts took back to his home church. He conducted meetings with the young people there and encouraged prayer for the outpouring of the Spirit on the community. The meetings began to increase in number, and prolonged periods of fasting and prayer were conducted with those who attended. The main focus of the message that was brought forth was:

• Confession of sins
• Repentance for sin and restitution for sin
• Obedience to the directions of the Holy Spirit
• Public declaration of your faith in Christ and his work in the individual

Roberts and his team of mainly women worked tirelessly for months, and within that time, thousands were brought to God. They often did this on less than three hours of sleep per day, resulting in the spreading of the Word like wild fire throughout Wales and other countries.

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