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The Argentine Revival of 1954

Tommy Hicks, a little known evangelist from the U.S., rose to fame in the Argentine Revival of 1954. Hicks went to Argentina in place of a more famous healing evangelist who was not available at the time. Inspired by his strong faith, he believed the Lord had brought him to Argentina for a purpose, and he addressed the local church committee about what the Lord had told him.

In prayer, the Lord had told Hicks while he was on the plane that he was to meet with a man named Peron who would help him with his ministry. The Lord also told Hicks he needed a meeting place that would hold at least 25,000 individuals. Hicks relayed what the Lord had told him to the committee, who believed his ideas to be outlandish and ridiculous. They told him President Juan Peron of Argentina rejected the evangelical teachings and had a very strict decree when it came to being able to hold evangelical meetings. They also told him the use of radio and the press had never been allowed under President Peron’s dictatorship. They did not believe he would be able to gain an audience with Peron, let alone be able to achieve any governmental approval for his requests.


By Prayer and Fasting

Tommy Hicks remained steadfast in his faith. He prayed and fasted and remained obedient to God. He took an interpreter to the visit with dictator President Juan Peron. He was met at gunpoint by a guard. He explained to the guard about wanting to talk to the president about holding healing evangelical meetings in Argentina. The guard listened as Hicks explained and then asked if God could heal him of his Hepatitis, which was causing him great pain. Hicks laid hands on the guard and prayed the prayer of faith and instantly the guard was healed. The guard was overjoyed and told Hicks to return the next day and he’d grant him am audience with Peron.

The next day, Hicks was granted a meeting with the president and discovered that Peron was suffering from a horrible case of psoriasis, which no doctor had been able to cure, and it was so bad that he no longer allowed himself to be photographed. Hicks explained his plans to hold salvation and healing evangelical meetings in the city. President Peron asked if he could heal him, and Hicks prayed for Peron. God’s power surged through him and the president was instantly both healed and made whole.

Peron then granted Hicks his request. The Atlantic Stadium, which seated 25,000 was rented first and soon was not large enough to accommodate the large crowds that were coming to Hicks’ revivals. Hicks preached faith, prayer, and fasting, and revival came to his audiences. He prayed from the stage and thousands were healed at his revival meetings. Eventually, he had to move to a larger stadium and still the place would fill and overflow with those coming to hear God’s Word and be healed.


Ministered to 3 million in 2 months

It was reported that 3 million attended the revival within 2 months, 300,000 accepted salvation through Christ and an enormous number of people were healed and cured of afflictions.

Through Tommy Hicks salvation came to the vice president of Argentina and his wife, and he healed the vice president of Bolivia’s son. He returned to Argentina in 1955 for a 2nd healing campaign. After its closing, he was led by prayer to go to Europe to preach the Full Gospel message in Russia and the satellite countries. His overseas’ success then opened up many opportunities for him to minister back in the U.S.


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