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Why Pray?

Some have said that America is lost, that there is no more hope. That there is no reason to pray. Is that true?

The United States of America was founded on Judeo Christian principles and has been considered a Christian nation for centuries.  Recently the President of the United States said we are no longer a Christian nation. Many were appalled when he said that. But the fact is we are now a back slidden nation.  God has blessed our nation throughout its history and His favor has always been upon us until recently. We turned our back on Him and now He has turned His face from us.


Will He reject us forever?

Someone who has walked with another of the same faith and then experienced the heartache of seeing them leave the faith know that there is sorrow of heart, and they never cease to seek their friend or family member out to try and bring them back to the path. They do not stop praying for them.  Gods heart is no different. He longs for us to turn back to Him. He wept over Jerusalem because of the hardness of their hearts, and He still weeps over the back slidden ones. He loves the back slider.

We are the ones that will determine whether or not there is no more hope. If we continue to walk down this path that we are on, hardening our hearts despite the warnings God has been giving us, then yes, there will be no more hope for us. But if we the people will stop to ponder the path of our feet, turning ourselves around to walk in the paths we once walked in as a nation, then Gods mercy will once again be extended to us!


Is His arm shortened that it cannot save us?

It is not! But our sins have separated us from His favor and only until we repent as a people and turn from our unrighteousness and seek His face again will we find favor in His sight.  So if there IS hope of receiving mercy and forgiveness if we turn back to Him, shouldn't we pray?  

There is power in prayer! The prayer of the righteous availeth much.

Our prayers can make a difference in whether or not we the people turn back to righteousness.

I believe that the call of God for His people is to intercede day and night until we see Gods divine intervention.  I believe our call is the same as it was for Esther and the Jews in Shushan. We are called to fast and pray for our people until we see deliverance come!


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