Appeal to Fast

2chron7 14Finding the time to fast is not easy when life is so busy. There are two things that may help you take the time to fast. The first is remembering that fasting is a biblical practice that God asks of His people. Fasting enhances, reinforces, and adds depth to our prayers before the Lord. Another factor that strengthens us in fasting is knowing that there are other believers fasting with us. Knowing that it is easier to fast as a united body, we appeal to you to join us in fasting every Tuesday, from now until the election in November. (If Tuesday is not a good day, feel free to choose whatever day of the week is best for you.) 

Our hope is not in political leaders, but there is an easy choice in this next election for a number of good and godly reasons. So let us join together in prayer and fasting as God has instructed us. Let us pray that our freedoms would endure and that we as a nation would receive a visitation turning many hearts to the Lord as has happened many times in years past. 

If you would like to make this commitment to weekly fasting, please sign up HERE.


“Consecrate a fast, Call a sacred assembly; Gather the elders And all the inhabitants of the land Into the house of the LORD your God, And cry out to the LORD.” ~Joel 1:14

Those that have signed up to fast:

Jerry Alway
Hanna Alway
Suzanne Steedly
Colleen Steedly
Michael Steedly
Tom Maltby
MaryAnn Edman
Mariah Alway
Jennie Morales
Luisana Zelada
Ariel Zelada
Roberto Sempe
Angelita Ingraham
Allan Ingraham
Olga Garber
Julie Harry
Lise Pampaloni
Tari Foltz
Ryan T.
Anel T.
Lily Sevilla
Allan R.
Luisa R.
Jacob Battaglia
Yomi Galvan
Gaby Pampaloni
Nico Pampaloni
Ellen Battaglia
Daniel Rumsey
Allison Rumsey
Bill Steedly
Terry Carlson
Cindy Little
Linda Gagion
Aurora Rodriguez
Jaime Rodriguez
Dan Walczuk
Heide Mercer
Betsabe Ochoa
Mary Anne Weeks
Karen Quigg
Lynn W.
Cindy Brandel
Cindy A.
Rosemary B.
Dottie Miller
Elizabeth Higgins
Bryce Cumbie
Maria Cumbie
Gregory Berry
Heather Green
Liam Spiers
Bill Bray
Ivy Bray
Vicky Slayton
Barbara Jackson
Ana Battaglia
Gayle B.
Sue F.
Keith Manuel
Lois W.
Carol M.
Lester G.
Lulu Quintero
Ale Maltby
Sara A.
Glenda Alfaro
Rudy Alfaro
Anna Alfaro
Rosa Alfaro
Hadassah Lobos
Tiffany Chipantiza
Gloria Maldonado
Melanie Little
Mercy De Leon
Marlon De Leon
Anail De Leon
Mercy De Leon
Rebecca Phillips
Isabel C.
Tom B.
Margaret Bishop
Sharon Cook
Sandi M.
Gloria Randolph
Will Waldron
Jess Yegerlehner
Julie H.
David Draper
Alma V.
Josiah Alway
Annie Alway
Aida Sempe
Mercedes Lopez
Wendy Lopez
Ernesto Lopez
Alicia Lopez
Alfa L.
Abby P.
Hannah Lobos
Grace Lira
M. Catherine Gocella
Manny Contreras
Felipe Munoz
Lisa Darley
Lee Ann Harris
Donna W.
Sarah Fuller
Bob Fox

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