America Needs a Revival

Revival for America

It is a privilege to take time out of our busy schedules to pray. None of us would take time to pray if we did not believe that through prayer God changes things. Election after election we have put our hope in people believing they can bring about the changes we have so desired. But time and time again we have been disappointed in man.

At this time in history no man can save us...even if the Republicans take over the Senate, or a righteous man takes the White House in 2016, that is not enough to save America. They cannot save America because they are not capable of changing the hearts of the people.  Though it looks like one man and one party have greatly harmed America it is not so. It is the many millions that put them in office that have harmed us.


Revival in the hearts of the people

What America needs and what will save America is a revival in the hearts of the people. A revival in their hearts that will transform their character...then our elections will have different results.  In the Bible we read how God visited Jacob, a man who was a deceiver by nature, yet God visited him and changed his heart. He experienced personal revival that changed his character and transformed his life from that day forward.


Welsh Revival

In the famous Welsh Revival I read that the Hearts of men were so changed that all the bars on every street corner in that coal mining town were closed because they no longer got business. The coal miners that would visit the bars after work every day were so transformed by the revival that like Jacob their character was changed.

No man, no political party can do that!  Only God can!

This is what America needs!

How can we have a revival like that?

I have been reading from the book of Zechariah, where we see Israel being faced with an impossible situation in the natural...there was a mountain before them. But The Lord spoke to Zerrubabel, who was the Leader at that time, and said, " It is not by might nor by power but by My Spirit saith The Lord". The Lord said in that same portion of scripture, " who are you O great Mountain? Before Zerrubabel you shall become a plain!" God reminded them that it was not by their own strength that the mountain would be removed but only through Him.


BUT with Him ALL things are possible

Like Israel, God has brought us to a place where we have a mountain before us, an impossible situation. And He wants us to fully understand that without Him nothing is possible. BUT with Him ALL things are possible. For this reason we willingly can offer up our time in prayer and labor to be channels through which God CAN and WILL make a difference.

A man of God once said, "The devil is aware that one hour of close fellowship with God in prayer is able to pull down what he has been contriving and building over many years". Our unfailing prayers for God to change the hearts of the people in America can pull down what the enemy has been doing for some years now!

America too can experience what Wales experienced. I mention the Welsh revival as an example but there are many examples throughout the history of the church When the hearts of people were changed and turned back to The Lord.


Argentine Revival

On the famous Argentine revival 50 students interceded and turned the country upside down.

Every time we pray, every time we fast, is a stepping stone toward victory, toward the revival that we so desperately need, toward the revival that will save America.

So in conclusion, I encourage you that as we sow in prayer now, the time will come of a reaping of revival that will change the hearts and destiny of our nation.



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