Voice of the Martyrs’ latest magazine contained a wonderful example of the power of persistent prayer. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever and continues to work miracles in our day. 

Rojina is a believer overseas (exact location withheld) who witnesses to Muslim women in the slums. Her husband works at their small family business, and their daughter Montahina attends a university. 

Rojina first began, along with other women in her church, to visit and converse with local women gaining their trust while sharing the gospel in their homes. When leaving, she would ask what they needed and if she could pray for that need to be fulfilled. Many would agree even though they knew she was a Christian in their Muslim community. 

“Even Muslims want someone to pray for them,” she said. “That is one kind of blessing.”

Throughout her visits, Rojina came to know an elderly Muslim woman who was paralyzed. Rojina would tell her stories of how Jesus had come to save and heal and asked if she believed that she, too, could be healed. 

“I don’t know anything about Jesus, but I want to be healed,” the woman responded. “If you pray for me that I can be healed by the name of Jesus, just pray for me.”

Rojina met with the woman for four months, persevering in prayer the entire time. She endured the mocking of the woman’s family, which only succeeded in strengthening her faith. 

After that time, the woman was healed and regained her ability to walk. She met Rojina on her next visit by almost running to greet her. And while the family rejoiced at the healing, the woman’s sons grew concerned about the results of having Christianity so powerfully demonstrated. 

Two days later, they and their wives told Rojina she could no longer visit the woman. Shortly after, the sons gathered locals and led them to Rojina’s home to threaten her and Montahina. 

In the following weeks and months, they would receive many more threats. Men would follow them home, and they demanded Montahina stop attending the university. 

But Rojina and Montahina continue the work of Christ in love, always praying for those around them. Rojina has led over one hundred Muslims to Christ and continues to feel called to share the gospel in her community on a broader scale. 

“I try to share every day,” she said. “I have a hunger to tell people.”

Rojina isn’t a missionary sent to a faraway place to share the gospel. She’s changing her own community and showing the power of Christ through prevailing prayer. 

Summarized from Voice of the Martyrs “Sharing Christ in the Slums” No Fear on a Dangerous Road