We are beginning an exciting new year, and with every new year comes new year resolutions—about finances, relationships, diet, exercise habits, etc. Imagine what would happen if God’s people were to make a New Year’s resolution to spend more time in prayer. Surely, things would dramatically change both spiritually and naturally.  Things would change because:  […]

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Our prayer focus is on our Virginia state elections. Election Day is November 7, but with early voting, our elections are well underway. Virginia is somewhat unique in that we have an election cycle each year. In the even years, we have federal elections, and this year being an odd year, we have state and

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Today, we are focused on the Office of Diversity, Opportunity, and Inclusion. Chief Martin Brown leads that office. God created us all individually and with specific differences: each of us just as we are and created in His image. Chief Brown encourages Virginians to recognize the beautiful diversity that exists in Virginia, which is one

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For this month, we are focused on the Secretary of the Commonwealth. The Secretary of the Commonwealth assists the Governor in his appointments to boards and commissions; and manages extraditions, clemency petitions, restoration of voting rights, and countless other certifications and filings of the Commonwealth. The Secretary of the Commonwealth is Kay Coles James, who

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Dr. Carl Becker watched his hometown of Boyertown, Pennsylvania grow smaller and smaller and eventually disappear as Leviathan sailed away on a mid-August day in 1929.  Thirty-five year old Carl was leaving a salary of $10,000 a year and exchanging it for $60 a week job in the Congo. He was traveling with his two

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For the month of July, we are focused on the Secretariat of Commerce and Trade. Our secretary is Caren Merrick. This team collaborates with local, regional, and state partners to encourage the expansion and diversification of Virginia’s economy. We have been asked to pray that they would be able to find more of the right people

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As chaplain of the United States Senate, Peter Marshall prayed over the leaders of our country faithfully. His simple words of child-like faith are still applicable to us today, and encourage us to never give up praying for the leaders of our nation.  O God, at this moment the senators and the representatives of the

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Each month on Virginia, Pray Now we highlight a part of the government of the Commonwealth that we will uphold in prayer. You are welcome and encouraged to share these requests with other Christians in your circle of acquaintance. Much of the information we share can be reviewed online at www.virginia.gov. Today we are focused on Agriculture and

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Adel was born in a little Indonesian village in 1977. The majority of the families in her hometown were Christians, and Adel was raised to love the Lord. She grew up serving her community and teaching her village’s children about Christ. She met and married her husband, Methu, and they had two children whom they

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Voice of the Martyrs’ latest magazine contained a wonderful example of the power of persistent prayer. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever and continues to work miracles in our day.  Rojina is a believer overseas (exact location withheld) who witnesses to Muslim women in the slums. Her husband works at their small family

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