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A Prayer for Unity- Prayers of Note

Dwight Eisenhower became president during a very difficult time for the United States. We were recovering from one of the worst wars this world has ever seen; division, anger, and resentment were at the forefront of our nation’s mind. Much like today, there was little unity among the people and all too often it was fear rather than God’s word that was the leading factor in people’s actions.

At his inauguration, President Eisenhower recognized that he was simply a tool in God’s plan for his country. He understood the necessity of prayer and God’s guidance as he led America forward from this difficult time. He prayed this prayer:

Almighty God, as we stand here at this moment, my future associates in the executive branch of the government join me in beseeching that Thou will make full and complete our dedication to the service of the people in this throng and their fellow citizens everywhere.
Give us, we pray, the power to discern clearly right from wrong and allow all our works and actions to be governed thereby and by the laws of this land.
Especially we pray that our concern will be for all the people, regardless of station, race, or calling. May cooperation be permitted and be the mutual aim of those who, under the concept of our Constitution, hold to differing political beliefs, so that all may work for the good of our beloved country and for Thy glory. Amen.

May this prayer of unity as well as this former president’s desire to bring glory to God as He guides us forward be the attitude of our hearts today. 

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