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Answered Prayer Series Part 1

Answered Prayer Series Part 1

This week we are starting a new series on Answered Prayers. We have focused a lot lately on what to pray for and the importance of prayer, but it behooves us to meditate on prayers that we are blessed enough to see the fruits of. Reading of God’s providence can often be a source of encouragement and faith strengthening.


The first edition in our Answered Prayer series will be taken from Lee Strobel’s book The Case for Miracles.

“Joy Wahnefried, a student at Taylor University in Indiana, suffered from vertical heterophoria, where one eye viewed images at a higher level than the other. This triggered debilitating migraine that could last up to a week. A professor and students prayed for her during three consecutive prayer meetings, and Joy was suddenly healed-her eyesight now 20/20 and her incurable medical condition gone. Her eye doctor said she 'can’t explain it' and has never seen anything like it in four thousand patients.”


Another excerpt says,


“A grapefruit-sized flesh-eating ulcer, with the wound going to the bone, was boring through the calf muscle of a seventy-year-old Florida man. After treatments failed, doctors declared the wound incurable and amputation was scheduled. However, one physician laid his hands on the oozing wound and prayed for healing. Recovery began immediately within four days, the ulcer was melting away and new skin forming. By the following week, the leg was restored to normal. The doctor’s opinion: ‘It can’t happen on its own. Impossible.' ”


These are just two accounts of prayers visibly answered in situations that seemed to have no hope. We hope you’ve been encouraged today and remember that we don’t lift our voices in vain, that God hears and He always answers.


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