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Answered Prayers Series: God’s Wonder Working Power

Answered Prayers Series: God’s Wonder Working Power

Today we will be looking at a short devotional penned by the great man of faith, Smith Wigglesworth, a man who had experienced and documented the many miracles and answered prayers performed by the God he called upon.


The devotional is marked July 26th, “Gods Wonder-Working Power” referencing Psalm 106:2, “Who can utter the mighty acts of the Lord? Who can declare all His praise?”


“A letter came to our house saying that a young man was very ill. He had been to our mission a few years before with a very bad foot; he had worn no shoe but had fastened a leather around his foot. God had healed him that day. Three years after, something else came upon him. What it was I do not know, but his heart failed, and he was helpless. He could not get up or dress or do anything for himself. In that condition, he called his sister and told her to write to me and see if I would pray. My wife said to go, and she believed that God would give me that life. I went, and when I arrived at that place, I found that the whole country was expecting me. They had said that when I came, this man would be healed.


I said to a woman when I arrived, “I have come.” “Yes,” she said, “but it is too late.” “Is he alive?” I asked. “Yes, barely alive,” she said. I went in and put my hands on him and said, “Martin.” He just breathed slightly and whispered, “The doctor said that if I move from this position, I will never move again.” I said, “Do you know that the scripture says, ‘God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever’ (Ps 73:26)”? He said, “Should I get up?” I said, “No.”


That day was spent in prayer and ministering the Word. I found a great state of unbelief in that house, but I saw that Martin had the faith to be healed. His sister was home from an asylum. God kept me there to pray for that place. I said to the family, “Get Martin’s clothes ready; I believe he is to be raised up.” I felt the unbelief.


I went to the chapel and had prayer with a number of people around there, and before they too believe that Martin would be healed. When I returned, I said, “Is Martin’s clothes ready?” They said, “No.” I said, “Oh, will you hinder God’s work in this house?” I went into Martin’s room alone. I said, “I believe God will do a new thing today. I believe that when I pray for you; the glory of heaven will fill this place.” I started praying for him and immediately the glory of the Lord filled the room, and I fell at once on the floor. I did not see what took place on the bed or in the room, but this young man begun to shout, “Glory, glory!” and I heard him say, “For Your glory, Lord,” and he stood before me perfectly healed. He went to the door and opened it; his father stood there. He said, “Father, the Lord has raised me up,” and the father fell to the floor and cried for salvation. The young woman brought out of the asylum was perfectly healed at that moment by the power of God in that house.”


- Smith Wigglesworth in his book “Devotionals”


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