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A God-fearing Armenian Christian was sending some merchandise to a distant city. There were no railroads in that part of the country, and as it was a valuable lot of goods, the merchant himself accompanied the caravan. 

Such caravans usually camp at night, and this is an opportune time for the highwaymen, who make their living by attacking caravans, to steal unnoticed by the campers. At the chosen time, under cover of the night, the Kurds drew near. All was strangely silent. There seemed to be no guards. But as they pressed closer, imagine their astonishment to find high walls where walls had never stood before. The next night they found the same impassable walls. On the third night they found the same walls, but there were breaches in them through which the robbers entered. 

The captain of the band of robbers was so terrified by the mystery that he woke up the Armenian, asking what it meant. He told how his band had followed intent on robbing them, how they had found the high walls around the caravan on the first and second nights; but on this night they had been able to enter through breaches. “If you will tell us the secret of all this, we will not molest you,” said the captain. 

The merchant himself was puzzled. “My friends,“ he said, “I have done nothing to have walls raised about us. All I do is pray every evening, committing myself and those with me to God. I fully trust in Him to keep me from all evil; but tonight, being very tired and sleepy, I made a rather halfhearted prayer. That must be why you were allowed to break through.“ The Kurds were overcome by this testimony. Then and there they accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. But the Armenian never forgot the breach in the wall of prayer. 

-Springs in the Valley

L.B. Cowman 

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