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How They Prayed Series: Barclay Buxton

How They Prayed Series: Barclay Buxton

Today we will be taking a peek at another ongoing series we will be visiting hopefully quite often. Our “How They Prayed” series looks into the lives of the peoples past who were involved in the great conquests of missions and revivals. We find these stories from the books of Harvey Publishers, who for many years have worked tirelessly to preserve the history of Christian missions and revivals. These stories have been kept alive so that this current generation may also carry on that hope, and know what we also can be capable of if we think outside the norm of the culture we have been brought up in and expand our vision upwards and outwards.


Barclay Buxton was a prayer warrior and a pioneer missionary of the J.E.B., Japanese Evangelistic Band. His son Godfrey Buxton writes in a biography of his father,


“Father’s gift of opening up the scriptures had a great influence on us because behind it were vital secrets in his life. My father died at the age of eighty-five, but I did not ever see him fully dressed in the early morning in order to meet the Lord over an open bible and prayer.”


This Christian gentleman placed a very high estimate on the value of prayer previous to conventions which were held in Japan. The workers would come beforehand and would engage in prayer, sometimes long into the night, and then rise early in the morning to follow up their previous effort. Once in Osaka when they met, the spirit convicted them that they had used fleshly means instead of spiritual in their labors, “going down to Egypt for help” and relying on man. It was little wonder they had times of profound conviction and the presence of the Holy Spirit was enabled to work equipping them for better service upon return to their fields.


On furlough to England, he wrote a letter to his fellow-workers in Japan giving them counsel for maintaining a sturdy Christian life.


In closing, we quote only part of the letter:


“Do you rise early? None of us ought to be in bed after six so that we may at least have one quiet hour with God in prayer and reading of His word before we meet others, and the day's work begins. At special times we must get more – but no Christian can afford to take less than that. I advise you as far as possible to fix your times and how you will spend each day. If you do not plan out your day beforehand and keep your plan, you will often fritter your time away on things that may be good, but are not the best work that you can do. But I specifically ask you to fix your times of prayer and let nothing interfere with them... Make notes of all you read, mark the books you read. Have an interleaved bible in which you can write down the helpful thoughts you receive; and freely write in it. Collect anecdotes, for a good anecdote is worth more than a jewel to you. Keep a book specifically for them. At noon let us have fifteen of twenty minutes’ intercession for the whole work and for others. For this, write down subjects of intercession and divide them into seven, one for every day of the week. In visiting take care to get to the point as quickly as possible... pray before you leave the house for visiting. Pray as you walk to the house. Pray when you have come back, and praise... Between that and the evening meeting I advise you to get your second daily hour of reading the bible and prayer. If we put this off till bedtime, we are often too tired to get any benefit by it. In the evenings there will as a rule be meetings to attend. Even if you are not preaching, go to them and pray. Often the one who prays does better work than the one who preaches. If you are to preach, you will have prayed over it much beforehand. Go to rest early for the sake of your work for the following day. After a solemn meeting let there be no light talking. You have been dealing with eternal interests of precious souls. Burden your soul before God for them and then go to rest.”

“When I Survey the Wondrous Cross”
Answered Prayer Series Part 1


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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

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