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Renewing the Covenant

Renewing the Covenant

In the year 1607, when Jamestown chaplain Robert Hunt first set foot upon the shore of Virginia, he made this declaration,
“From these very shores the gospel shall go forth, not only to this New World, but to all the world.”


Christian historian Eddie Hyatt, author of The Great Prayer Awakening of 1857 said, “Those who came to Jamestown starting in 1607 made a binding covenant with God. They put the following in their Virginia Compact, ‘To propagate, to expand the gospel, the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ and to take the gospel to people who are ‘lying in darkness and have no knowledge of the one true God.’’”


Hyatt also said, “John Winthrop, leading 700 Puritans to Massachusetts in 1631, said it like this: ‘Others may come to the New World for wealth and furs but we have another goal, another end. We have entered into an explicit covenant with God to be His people in this New World.’”


America’s earliest settlers made a covenant with God to serve Him and to proclaim Him throughout the earth. They were not seeking the riches of this world. They had one goal — to be salt and light to those living in darkness. They wanted to be that city on a hill. They wanted to be a model of Christianity for the rest of the world to see and follow.


These early covenants that the settlers made with God became models for the US Constitution and for the laws that still govern our land today. God’s relationship with America is set by sacred covenant. Covenants are sacred and binding agreements — oaths that are made to be kept. However, Americans today have forgotten these covenants, and we are held accountable.


Jerry Newcombe, author of The Book That Made America said, “A lot of the things that we’re experiencing in America today are because we’ve disregarded God’s covenant. America, once the number one exporter of the Gospel, is now the number one importer of illegal drugs and the number one exporter of pornography. God warned about this, saying, ‘Obey Me then I will bless you. But if you disobey Me, I will remove My blessing.’”


In Scripture we learn how important covenants were to God, and what He requires before covenants can be restored after they have been broken. When God’s people were under bondage, in great affliction in Egypt, their cry came up before Heaven and moved God’s heart to deliver them and bring them out of their bondage. He began to set in motion their deliverance when He appeared to Moses in the wilderness and called him to return to Egypt. Moses had an awesome encounter with God and responded to God’s call, and in obedience began the journey back to Egypt with his wife and two sons. But while Moses was on the journey back to Egypt the Lord appears to him again, but this time He sought to kill Moses! Why would the Lord seek to kill Moses after Moses had just had a glorious encounter with God and was doing exactly what God had instructed him to do?


The reason was simple: his sons were not circumcised. Circumcision was important to God because that was a part of the covenant He had made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God had told Abraham that circumcision would be a sign of the covenant between them and Him (Gen 19:9-11). Moses had learned the way the world did things, and the covenant between him and God had been broken. God was giving Moses and His people a message. He wanted them to know that He does hear from Heaven and respond to the prayers of His people, but He also wanted them to know that in order for Him to do His part His people had to do their part! The covenant had to be restored before God could deliver His people.


When man has broken a covenant made with God, there are steps that must be taken for it to be restored. The covenant that was made between God and the first settlers to America was a covenant to serve God, to be His people, and to be a holy people separated unto Him who would be salt, light, and love in the earth for the sake of those who lived in darkness.
But that covenant has been broken. Today the world sees very little difference between them and the church, but that can change! We can be used by God to restore the covenant made between Him and America.


God said in Jeremiah 5:1, “If you can find a man who executes justice and seeks the truth, I will pardon Jerusalem.”


He was willing to pardon Jerusalem if he could find one man who was executing justice and seeking truth! What a God we serve! Just like in the days of Moses and the children of Israel, God is hearing our prayers and has set in motion our deliverance, but steps must be taken before complete deliverance can come.


The well-known verse 2 Chronicles 7:14 says, “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and heal their land.”


He is waiting on His people! As God’s people we must ponder the path of feet! We must turn from our wicked ways.


In Jeremiah 4:4 & 14 it says, “Circumcise yourselves to the Lord and take away the foreskins of your hearts lest my fury come forth like fire and burn so that no one can quench it, because of the evil of your doings… Wash your heart from wickedness that you may be saved.“


Here God is speaking to His people, not to the world. There has to be a cutting away from our lives of all that is unrighteous, of all that is unholy before God.


As His people we must repent for living like the world; we must repent for not being separated unto Him, for not being a righteous people; we must repent for running after the riches and pleasures of this world; we must repent for not being salt, and light in our land!


True repentance is a turning away from the world unto God.

Joel writes, “Now return to the Lord your God, for He is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, abounding in lovingkindness.”


God is waiting on His people so that the covenant with America can be restored. He is waiting on His people to do their part so He can do His! He is hearing the cry of His people in America, but there are steps we must take for the covenant to be restored. Let us respond in obedience — let us renew the covenant our founders made with God that we may experience His wonderful blessings again!


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