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Tarry Not, O God: Prayers of Note Series


Is your heart heavy today? Do the trials of this life and the state of our country weigh heavily
upon you? If so, I would invite you to read this prayer by Charles Spurgeon and pray it with me

Oh, for a mighty cry! A prevailing cry! A heaven-shaking cry! A cry that would make the gates of
heaven open! A cry that God’s arm could not resist! A cry of saints knit together in love and
filled with holy passion! May theirs be the great plea of the atoning sacrifice, making this the
burden of their cry, “O Lord, revive thy work in the midst of the years…in wrath remember
mercy.” Hab. 3:2 Let God but throw the stone into the stagnant pool of His church, and I can see
the waves of revival going out all around the world. God’s kingdom will spread, and days of
refreshing will come from the presence of the Lord. Let us now say in His sight that

even if He does not please to hear us at the beginning of the supplication, it is our desire to wait upon Him
until He does.

You still remain hidden behind the mountains yet we wait for you as they that wait
for the morning. But tarry not, O our God! Make haste our Beloved!

May this be our prayer today and forever. May our cry be a prevailing cry for revival, for the
soul of our nation! And may we pray for the speedy return of our Lord, for it is only by His hand
that we will be saved.

Excerpt taken from The Power of Prayer in a Believer’s Life (1993) by Charles Spurgeon

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