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The Deaf will Hear-Answered Prayer Series


We’re living through a difficult time right now but through it all we hope that you are finding the little joys that this time of quarantine and social distancing can offer. We hope you’re able to spend more family time gathered around God’s word, more time able to rest, and most importantly more time in prayer.

Today, if you’re feeling discouraged by what is happening around you we want to encourage you with this account of prayers answered. This excerpt is taken from Lee Strobel’s Case for Miracles.

He started with a case of a nine-year-old British girl who was diagnosed with deafness in September 1982, apparently the result of a virus that severely damaged nerves in both of her ears. 

“Her case is reported by Dr. R.F.R. Gardner, a well-well-credentialed physician,” Keener [Craig S. Keener, PhD.} added. “What makes this case especially interesting is that there is medical confirmation before the healing and immediately afterward, which is unusual to have." 

The child’s medical record says she was diagnosed with “untreatable bilateral sensorineural deafness.” Her attending physician told her parents there was no cure and nothing he could to repair her damaged nerves. She was outfitted with hearing aids that did help to some degree. The girl didn’t want to wear hearing aids the rest of her life, so she started to pray that God would heal. Her family and friends joined her. In fact, her mother said she felt a definite prompting to call out for God’s help. 

“I kept feeling God was telling me to pray specifically for healing,’ she said. ‘Passages kept coming out at me as I read: If you have faith like children…If one among you shall lay hands…Ask and you shall receive…Your faith has made you whole.”

On March 8, 1983 the girl went to her audiologist because one of her hearing aids had been damaged at school. After being examined and refitted, she was sent home. The next evening, the child suddenly jumped out of her bed without her hearing aids and came bounding down the stairs, “Mummy, I can hear!” she exclaimed! 

Her mother, astonished, tested to see if she could detect noises and words- and she could, even whispers. Her mother called the audiologist, who said, “I don’t believe you. It is not possible. All right, if some miracle has happened, I am delighted. Have audiograms done.” 

The following day she was tested again, and her audiogram and tympanogram came back fully normal. 

“I can give no explanation for this,” said the audiologist. “I have never seen anything like it in my life.”

The girl’s doctor ruled out possible medical explanations. After repeated successful audiograms, the dumbfounded consultant’s advice to her parents: “Forget she was ever deaf.”

We hope that this account has encouraged you to take up your prayer mantle with renewed vigor today. It’s true that the circumstances around us may appear bleak or impossible, but we serve a God of the impossible!  

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