In Tampa Florida, Christains have completely changed the atmosphere of a middle school because of prayer.  800 incidents among 600 students where 54 of those incidents needed police involvement.  With permission from the school board and the administrator, the church put a prayer person in each classroom for 1/2 hour on Mondays before anyone arrived (students or teachers).  Within 1 year, the number of incidents involving police dropped from 54 to 2!  The church is now mentoring students and every month, intercessors drive 2-3 hours to pray in Tampa for the Central Florida region.

The murder rate in Aurora, Illnois went from 26 to zero for 14 months after Christians went to the location where the murders occurred and reclaimed the territory for Jesus Christ.  The murder rate in this Chicago suburb now averages 3 per year.

A group of churches in High Desert of California are being asked to do things that the government has been responsible for because the church has shown them through prayer and service that Christians can take care of needs better than the government.

In one county in VA where the church has been praying, opioid overdoses have dropped 40% while in another county, the rate has increased 400% since 2016.

A rural Kentucky county has asked the church to pray at an overly populated jail (550 inmates in a jail designed for 300). The church gathered outside the jail and then entered the jail to pray inside. The church is now doing prayer walks in the city reclaiming the land.

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