The week of November 1st I received a call from my son about his wife having problems with blood pressure & weight gain. My son Jared, who is a family pastor in Bozeman MT shared that his wife was having blood pressure & weight gain issues in this her 37th week of pregnancy. He continued to tell me that the docs said it was toxemia which usually occurs in a woman's first pregnancy & a highly unusual condition in one's third Pregancy.  They chalked it up to the body doing unusual things & scheduled my DIL, Shanelle, for an induced labor Thursday Nov 5. This would deal with the toxemia condition or at least, they thought it would. Shanelle went through labor & delivery pretty well and once my beautiful and healthy granddaughter was born they were able to send Shanelle home on Saturday. 
Being home less than 24 hours, Shanelle started to complain about having heaviness of chest  something she described as having a monkey sitting on her. The docs had my son take Shanelle to the emergency room where they discovered through ultrasounds & PET scans that she was in heart failure. Her condition was called postpartum cardiomyopathy...which can difficult to treat and is often deadly. They readmitted Shanelle telling both of them she would be in the hospital for another 3-5 more days to treat the blood pressure and water retention & that she would be facing months of treatment for her heart condition. 
My son called me and after receiving this call from Jared, I informed many of my prayer warrior friends. My husband & I also prayed. Being an RN myself, I knew this was a very serious & urgent condition & needed the hand of God to intervene. On Monday & again less than 24 hours later I received the following text from my son:
Jared: This might be a miracle. Her heart was enlarged and now perfectly fine. Everything is fine. Now everything is clear and she can go home. What they thought was going to be several months of care is now nothing. Shanelle is now fine. She had excess fluid, which hardend her heart. She is being released. Needs rest and will remain on blood pressure medicine and medicine to get all the fluid out of her body and away from the heart.
What is so truly amazing & a miracle from the hand of the great Physician is that within 24 hrs of being told your DIL is seriously ill & will have an extended lengthy recovery now shows no signs of heart failure! We rejoiced! We praised God over & over again for His hand of healing & giving mercy to my son & his wife & their 3 children.  God had done a heart miracle! As of today her main complaint is tiredness. She remains on blood pressure meds but nothing else. Ive been told she has lost all her excess water weight & is down to her pre-pregnancy weight this in only 4 short weeks. I believe God will completely heal her heart in time but I'm reminded that we need to continue to lift Shanelle up in prayer. This miracle is truly a result of many ppl praying for Gods healing & intervention...as we often say when we're waiting on a response from someone...Jesus' healing touch came through loud & strong! Thank you Jesus. And thanks to the body of Christ who intervened with your prayers.

Cindy Wright, D. Min

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