What to Pray For

Since the news Monday regarding marriage, I have been deeply concerned and would like to share my concern with you. Not only am I deeply concerned for Virginia and America, but also for those of the faith who are once again wondering: "Where is The Lord? Why did He not hear our prayers and intervene for us? Why did He not intervene for Virginia?"

I will confess that as I was waking up this morning, those questions were surfacing in my own mind.  During my morning devotional time and after my daily Bible reading, I felt like those questions were answered. I want to share this with you because my concern is that the spiritual enemy we are fighting will use this defeat to try to weaken our faith.

What is happening to America is overwhelming. As people of faith we will not be able to survive the spiritual conflict we are experiencing if we do not understand why this is happening to America, what God is doing, and why it seems that our prayers are not being heard. For years America has sinned against her God and turned her back on Him. Because of that, He has left us to the will of our enemies and they are rejoicing over us.  They are mocking us as they destroy our foundations, and they are saying, "Where is your God?" We see in scripture that when Israel turned away from The Lord, there were consequences. He gave them over to the will of their enemies until they repented with all their hearts and turned back to Him. In scripture we see how many times the prophets and those who still served The Lord suffered along with the rest of the people because of the consequences of the nation turning away from God. We also see that many times they prayed for divine intervention and did not see their prayers answered right away.  

This morning as I read from the book of Micah, I realized that we also are suffering the consequences of our nation turning away from God. We have been praying for divine intervention, and it seems our prayers are not being answered. Instead, our enemies are rejoicing over us, even this week with their victory.  I also realized that though our enemy is rejoicing over us right now, the day is coming when God will have mercy and will save us and will put to shame those who now rejoice over us.
I realized something else that I feel is so important for us today. We see that during the difficult times when Israel was being chastised for turning away from The Lord, the prophets identified with the sins of the people as they said, "We have sinned against You, O God." I think it is important that when we pray for America, we identify with her sins and repent, too. I believe if we do so, our prayers will be much more effective.

We see an example of this in the Book of Micah. In Micah 7: 8-10 the prophet Micah says, "Do not rejoice over me my enemy; When I fall, I will arise; When I sit in darkness, The Lord will be a light to me. I will bear the indignation of The Lord, because I HAVE SINNED against Him, until He pleads my case and executes justice for me. He will bring me forth to the light; I will seeHis righteousness. Then she who is my enemy will see and shame will cover her who said to me, ‘Where is The Lord your God?’”

So I want to encourage you to not let yesterday's defeat rob you of your faith, trust or hope in the Almighty. Instead, let this strengthen you to seek Him as never before. Let this defeat move you to intercede with more fervor for your own life, for your family and for America, identifying with her sins.

I want to remind you of how during World War II, Rees Howells and his group of intercessors spent hours every day, for months, on their knees praying that Hitler would be stopped and would not be able to bomb England. Their prayers were "not answered.” Seemingly, they had one defeat after the other. In the eyes of those around them they looked like fools, but they did not lose their faith. They pressed on even more. They began fasting more and began praying witheven greater fervor. And as history records, the day came when at last they saw the salvation of their God! Today they are credited as being the ones that were key to winning World War II!
Every prayer they prayed, every day they fasted, every hour of intercession on their knees for England--those were all stepping stones to obtaining the victory over the enemy!

I believe with all my heart that every prayer we pray, every hour we fast, every sacrifice we make by interceding for America will be the stepping stones that will lead to victory in the end.

Therefore, “Fight the good fight of faith!” (I Tim. 6:12)

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