Men of Revival

The Azusa Street Revival

William Seymour was the son of former slaves in Centerville, LA. In 1905, he was a student at a Houston Bible School that had been newly formed by Charles Parham, where he learned about the Holiness Movement. After witnessing “glossolalia”, Greek for speaking in tongues, from one of his followers, he began believing in it as a confirmation of the receipt of the Heavenly gift of the Holy Spirit. He began to believe that prayer and fasting in his life helped bring revival.

The Welsh Revival

Evan Roberts will long be known and associated with the mighty movement of the Welsh Revival where for nine months there was such emphasis on the need for prayer, repentance, and restitution across the whole of Wales. This revival saw the sparking of other revivals across the world. Evan Roberts was a special man of God who was prepared from childhood to lead a nation to the Lord.

The Great Awakening

George Whitefield was born to innkeeper parents, in the town of Gloucester, England in the year 1714. He took on the job of tapster in the tavern at age 12, but reconsidered his choice and went back to school. Though he was a less than average student, he shone like a star in the drama department. This character trait would serve him well in the near future when re-enacting parts of the Bible would become one of his hallmark preaching styles.

The Argentine Revival of 1954

Tommy Hicks, a little known evangelist from the U.S., rose to fame in the Argentine Revival of 1954. Hicks went to Argentina in place of a more famous healing evangelist who was not available at the time. Inspired by his strong faith, he believed the Lord had brought him to Argentina for a purpose, and he addressed the local church committee about what the Lord had told him.

The Great Awakening

Jonathan Edwards was born in 1703 in East Windsor, CT to a minister, Timothy Edwards, and Reverend Solomon Stoddard’s daughter, Esther. His father and older sisters groomed the only boy of 11 children for college. He began his scholarly career attending Yale College just shy of 13 years old.

Jonathan Edwards began his studies in the field of natural science. After graduating in 1720, he studied theology for two

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