Revivals of the Past

The Argentine Revival actually began in a little church located in Mendoza and City Bell Bible School. It started spreading across the land, and the Argentine committee for mass evangelism employed the service of a widely known missionary, who was a healing evangelist from the U.S. Unfortunately, that well known evangelist was not available, so sent in his place was Tommy Hicks, who at the time was a little known healing evangelist.


Tommy Hicks

When Tommy Hicks arrived in Argentina, he met with the mass evangelism committee. He informed them that the Lord had told him, after much prayer and fasting, that he needed a meeting place that was capable of holding 25,000 people. The evangelical leaders who served on the committee had not yet been touched by the revival and had a lot of misgivings and fears. While he had been on the plane to Argentina, the Lord had also spoken to him in prayer and told Hicks about meeting a man named Peron in Argentina who would aid him with the meetings. A stewardess informed him that Peron was the president of Argentina.

When Hicks told the committee about Peron helping him in the meetings, they did not believe it could happen because Peron was both intolerant as well as uncooperative with all evangelical leaders. They felt the idea was absurd and preposterous and felt governmental permission for the use of a large stadium would be impossible to acquire. They also did not think there were enough evangelicals to fill such a huge stadium.

At the time when Hicks arrived in Argentina, all of the country’s religious activities were closely monitored and even censored. Peron had decrees in place that made it extremely difficult to hold any special religious meetings or large gatherings and using the radio or any other media was unheard of. The committee felt no miraculous governmental change would be possible. Hicks, however, was determined to be obedient to God, He felt God had sent him there for a purpose and he planned to do what he was meant to do.


Prayer and Fasting

Tommy Hicks prayed and fasted at his hotel and stayed strong in his faith. Believing his God was larger than any dictator, he went to the Casa Rosada, the location of the government offices, with an interpreter. He was stopped at gun-point by a guard and interrogated. He told the guard God could heal and he proved it by placing his hand on the guard and praying a prayer of faith that healed the guard of Hepatitis. The guard was amazed and told him to come back the next day and he would let him see the president.

The next day, Hicks was granted an audience with Peron and found him suffering from terrible psoriasis. No doctor in the land could heal him. Hicks again prayed the prayer of faith and cured Peron of his condition through God’s healing power. At the meeting, Peron granted the evangelical church complete freedom in Argentina.


300,000 lives were given to Christ

Starting with the Atlantic stadium, which seated 25,000 people, through the preaching, prayers, and faith of Tommy Hicks, thousands of people were saved, healed, and cured. He would pray from the platform and heal those in the crowd. Soon, the Huracan stadium, which seated 60,000 people, had to be rented as God’s power exploded in Argentina. It was said that over 300,000 lives were given to Christ over a 54 day period. Pastor Hicks taught thousands upon thousands in Argentina about prayer, fasting, and the Christian faith.


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