Revivals of the Past

The Azusa Street Revival marks a period in the history of the Pentecostal Movement that is remarkably similar to the long-lasting effects of the San Francisco Earthquake of the same period. It had its warning tremors in the teachings of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit by such preachers as Charles F. Parham, and its aftereffects can be felt in the Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches even today.

Prayer, fasting, and repentance were called for throughout the United States and especially from the huge movement that broke through at Azusa Street.

• Prayer and fasting led to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
• Great men and women of God from all over the world participated in prayer and fasting here
• Revival lasted from 1906 to 1915


The Beginning of the Revival

Prayer requests were sent to the leaders of the Welsh revival and this led to prayer from the likes of Evan Roberts for a great outpouring of the Spirit in the United States. There was an increase in the teachings of the baptism of the Holy Spirit with special manifestations of speaking in tongues and healing. Prayer requests were also sent out in both spiritual and secular print, through the work of such persons as Frank Bartleman, asking people to pray for America and for prayer to bring a spiritual revival in America.

• Prayer requests throughout America with prayer groups praying for America
• The teachings were brought from Houston, Texas to Los Angeles
• The spiritual awakening of Azusa Street was the result of much prayer and fasting


William Seymour

William Seymour was instrumental in the revival at Azusa Street. Though his early ministry in Los Angeles started with a disagreement with his teachings by the founders of the church he was asked to lead, he later drew many crowds to a small house he was visiting with his preaching, prayer, and fasting sessions. He exhorted others to repent and to expect the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, which could only be seen through speaking in tongues and other gifts of the spirit.
• He was known as a man of unusual prayerfulness as he spent much time in prayer and fasting
• The revival began in his temporary accommodations and then moved to Azusa Street
• Azusa Street was known as the tiny Upper Room for prayer and fasting


Revival and Repentance

While the meetings started out with mainly the lower working class black (especially women) community, it quickly began to gain popularity as others heard of the spiritual awakening taking place through the preaching of Seymour. What started in Bonnie Brae Street slowly outgrew the accommodations and a new home was found on Azusa Street. Although there were many skeptics, there were more people, including whites, who were moved by the Spirit and by the wonders they witnessed while they attended the meetings.

• Prayer and fasting lasted for hours each day
• Emphasis on salvation, the baptism in the Holy Spirit and sanctification
• The impact of the prayers was felt in many other nations
• Visiting pastors and men and women of God were changed by the movement



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